Saturday, 18.10.2014 | Professionals, Match report After a match well played the final score in Heidenheim was 1 all

For 1. FC Kaiserslautern, the time to celebrate three points in an away match hasn’t come just yet. On Friday, October 17, 2014, Kaiserslautern’s efforts only merited a 1 all tie. Amin Younes scored a lead for FCK, but without further ado Marc Schnatterer, the FCH captain, immediately scored the equalizer and marked the final score.

Friday, 17.10.2014 | Professionals Friday, 6.30 pm: FCK faces 1. FC Heidenheim

Upcoming weekend, it will be back to the League for FCK. After the break for international matches, the Red Devils will visit 1. FC Heidenheim on Friday, October 17, 2014, where kick-off will be at 6.30 pm. When facing the newly promoted team, the Red Devils finally want to achieve three points in an away match.

Thursday, 16.10.2014 | Professionals Hofmann and Heintz celebrate with the U21 team – Ring dismissed

The last round of a long weekend of international matches is over. And while Phlipp Hofman and Dominique Heintz managed to seal Germany’s qualification for the U21 Euro Championship next year, Alexander Ring returns to Betzenberg with an annoying defeat and a dismissal. For Maurice Deville, the FCK U23 player, the last weekend meant competing against Spain, the current Euro Champion, for a few minutes at least.

Saturday, 11.10.2014 | Professionals FCK and FC Metz part ways in a tie

For the Red Devils, the League break for international matches ended with a draw: Facing FC Metz in a testing match full of speed and tackling, the Kaiserslautern club and the French League 1 club FC Metz part ways with a final score of 3 all (2 all at halftime). For a test match, both teams played excellent soccer for the approximately 1,000 spectators who came to support their respective teams.

Saturday, 04.10.2014 | Professionals, Match report FCK wins the local derby – 2:0 against Karlsruhe SC

Betzenberg remains FCK’s stronghold in the current season, where the Kaiserslautern team has not lost any points to opposing teams yet. The Red Devils won against Karlsruhe SC, the local rival from Germany’s southwest, with a final score of 2:0 (2:0) on Saturday, Oct 4, 2014. This marks the fifth victory in five home matches. Srdjan Lakic and Marcel Gaus scored the two goals for FCK, and the team missed a number of opportunities to achieve an even better score during the second half.

Friday, 03.10.2014 | Professionals, Match preview Saturday, 1 pm: FCK hosts local rival KSC

On Saturday, Oct 4, 2014 at 1:00 pm, two teams from Germany’s southwest will meet on Betzenberg: 1. FC Kaiserslautern will host against Karlsruhe SC. The Kaiserslautern team, their coach, and probably more than 40,000 supporters in the Fritz Walter Stadium can’t wait for the duel between the local rivals. Of course, the Red Devils will want to continue their impressive winning streak in home games.

Tuesday, 30.09.2014 | Professionals No reward despite a strong return – 2:3 loss in Nuremberg

FCK is going through a dire stretch in away matches. After the match played by floodlights on Monday night, Sept 29, 2014, 1. FC Nuremberg defeated FCK 3:2 (0:2). The Kaiserslautern team lost despite having returned from a 3:0 lead for FCN and playing wonderful soccer once again. In the end, however, the goals scored by Ring and Löwe were simply not enough to take home any points after all.

Sunday, 28.09.2014 | Professionals, Match preview Monday, 8.15 pm: Nürnberg to host FCK

It seems the Red Devils can’t catch a break at the moment. After a close victory against Union Berlin, this week’s third match is the upcoming away game. On Monday, September 29, 2014, coach Kosta Runjaic’s team will face 1. FC Nuremberg at 8:15 pm.

Thursday, 25.09.2014 | Professionals, Match report Still undefeated at home – 1:0 against Union Berlin

After the 7th round of matches, the Red Devils still have a spotless record when it comes to home matches. On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, the Kaiserslautern team faced 1. FC Union Berlin and won 1:0 (1:0). Alexander Ring was the scorer of the day in front of 31,384 spectators on Betzenberg.

Monday, 22.09.2014 | Professionals, Match preview Wednesday, 5:30 pm: FCK hosts 1. FC Union Berlin

Instead of scoring the first three points in an away match this season, FCK was defeated for the first time in the running season. The Red Devils played very appealing soccer once again despite the result. As early as Wednesday, September 24, 2014, the Kaiserslautern team will have the next opportunity to score points facing 1. FC Union Berlin. Kick-off is set to 5:30 pm.