Before the final whistle is blown no one knows how a given match will end. However, anyone who invites people important to their business – regardless of whether they are customers or employees – to the hospitality area at the Fritz Walter Stadium, is already a winner.


In the field of corporate communications, hospitality measures are of great importance for customer recruitment, customer care and customer retention. The decisive factor of success, first and foremost, is the informal and emotional, but also exclusive, atmosphere of our boxes and VIP rooms. There is also a feeling of something very special: a unique combination of business, game and excitement – irrespective of victory or defeat.


Exclusive catering complemented by the state-of-the-art interior design of the hospitality areas, as well as an entertaining support program, allow guests to have a wonderful and unforgettable time at the stadium. We provide the most favorable conditions for activation and care of your business relations or staff motivation.


With eleven boxes and over 1,500 comfortable business seats located in different areas, the Fritz Walter Stadium offers a wide range of opportunities, allowing companies from all sectors and firms of any size to take advantage of the VIP seats by using them as an attractive business-to-business platform.


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