1. FC Kaiserslautern


Fritz-Walter-Straße 1
67663 Kaiserslautern

Club Colors

red, white


German Champion: 1951
German Champion: 1953
Cup Winner: 1990
Super Cup Winner: 1991
German Champion: 1991
Cup Winner: 1996
German Indoor-Champion: 1997
German Champion: 1998
Bundesliga second division champions: 2010






FCK-Fans 1982On the 2nd of July 1900, FC Germania 1896, the first larger predecessor club of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, and Fußballgesellschaft 1899 (soccer association) amalgamated and formed FC 1900 Kaiserslautern. About nine years later, two further big events in the history of FCK occurred.

FC 1900 was the first club ever from Kaiserslautern to win the Western Clubs’ Championship. In the same year, FC 1900 affiliated with FC Palatia 1901 and FC Bavaria 1902, two clubs that had developed shortly after FC 1900’s own foundation. These three clubs then formed FV 1900 Kaiserslautern. FV 1900 Kaiserslautern played in the Westkreisliga (8th tier of league soccer in Germany that covers only teams of the respective region the teams belong to) until 1914. In 1919, FV 1900 Kaiserslautern was one of the founding members of the Bezirksliga (district league) but was demoted after four years, due to downsizing of the league.

On May 28, 1929, FV 1900 Kaiserslautern affiliated with SV Phönix 1910 and took the name FV Phönix Kaiserslautern. Not until 1932 did the club change its name to 1. FC Kaiserslautern.

Having taken second place in the league, FCK qualified for the participation in the South German Championship one year later. Due to the standings, the club was accepted in the newly-founded Gauliga, a league that was created under the rule of the National Socialists. During the following years, the club experienced ups and downs. In 1942, FCK won the Gauliga Westmark for the first time and hence qualified for the final round of the German Championship. Unfortunately, FCK was already eliminated in the preliminary round. 

After the war, a new league system with the Oberliga as the highest tier was created in Germany. During the first 13 years of the Staffel (group) South-West, Kaiserslautern won the championship ten times and was runner-up twice. In 1947 and 1948 winning the South-West Championship also meant winning the French Zones Championship.

In 1948, FCK attracted attention on the national stage, too. For the first time, FCK reached the final of the German Championship. Unfortunately, the club lost 1-2 to 1. FC Nuremberg. One year later, FCK came third in the German Championship after all.

Following to these two missed attempts, FCK finally won the German Championship for the first time in 1951. The team from Kaiserslautern defeated Preußen Münster 2-1. Thanks to a 4-1 win against VfB Stuttgart, FCK succeeded in winning the crown again two years later. Unfortunately, they failed to defend their title however.

Nonetheless, five leading players of FCK formed the core of the German national team during the legendary World Cup in Switzerland in 1954. One year after the brilliant World Cup success, 1. FC Kaiserslautern reached the German Championship finals for the third time in a row. That time however, they lost 3-4 against Rot-Weiss Essen.

Hellstroem im FlugIn 1961, the “Red Devils” reached the DFB (German Football Association) Cup Final for the first time (0-2 versus Werder Bremen). During the final year of the existence of the Oberliga, FCK catapulted itself to the top and won the last South-West Championship. Due to the consistently excellent standings, FCK became one of 16 founding members of the German Bundesliga (highest soccer division in Germany). Nevertheless, Kaiserslautern did not manage to show the same predominance in the Bundesliga as they did in the Oberliga South-West and were placed in the middle or even in the lower part of the table.

In 1972, FCK reached the DFB (German Football Association) Cup final for the second time. Unfortunately, they were defeated 0-5 by Schalke 04. In the following season, the “Red Devils” took part in the UEFA Cup for the first time and even reached the quarter-finals.

In 1976 and 1981 FCK took part in the DFB (German Football Association) Cup Final again and lost again. In 1981/82 the team from Kaiserslautern even reached the semifinals of the UEFA Cup. Regarding the Bundesliga standings, Kaiserslautern came in third in the season 1978/79 and added three successive fourth places. Subsequently, however, FCK slipped down to the midfield of the league again and even was in serious danger of being demoted in 1989/99.