Info, Fees & Pros

Convenience features

In addition that, membership of 1. FC Kaiserslautern offers a wide range of further convenience features:

  • Participation in the club’s Annual General Meeting
  • The right to vote and to have a say, for example in the election of the supervisory board
  • Home delivery of the Betze-Magazin (club magazine) ahead of any home match
  • Personal membership card
  • Preemption on tickets
  • Personal birthday greetings by club officials (from the age of 50 for any “big O” birthday)
  • Special offers for members (e.g. in the fan shop)


  • The membership fee is five euros per month.
  • Young persons up to the age of 18, pupils, students, retirees from the age of 65, early retirees and severely disabled persons pay three euros per month.
  • We offer a family membership fee of 12.50 euros (minimum three underage children).
  • We charge a one-time admission fee of the amount of the contribution for one month. The membership fee will be debited once every year. The contribution year is the calendar year.

In Germany, payment can only be made by bank-collection authorization. Members or applicants without a bank account in Germany have to pay their fee on receipt of an invoice. For process-dependent reasons, admissions are effected with the beginning of the next quarter.

Payments must be made to:
IBAN: DE46 5405 0110 0000 317222, SWIFT-BIC: MALADE51KLS

Become a member

It is so easy to become a part of FCK! Click here to become online a member!

Or simply send it via email, fax or by regular mail to:
1. FC Kaiserslautern e.V.
Postfach 2427
67653 Kaiserslautern
Fax +49(0)631 - 31 88 - 290
E-Mail: Opens window for sending