Fan Info

Supporter Liaison Officer

Christoph Schneller


Christoph Schneller, the supporter liaison officer, is FCK’s primary contact with the fans and fan clubs. He started this role on October 5, 2010 when took over from Stefan ‘Rossi’ Rosskopf. The 26-year-old graduate geographer, who was born in Wittlich, has been devoted to 1. FC Kaiserslautern for many years and has been a season-ticket holder for more than ten years. Moreover, Christoph Schneller hasn’t almost missed one of the Red Devils’ road games during the last years. He has visited numerous soccer stadiums abroad as well and he is considered a true expert on soccer fans.

Christoph Schneller has been actively involved in the projects of the big FCK fan family for many years. He was the official FCK fans’ representative at the national DFB fan congress in Leipzig already in June 2007, and he was involved in the organization of several fan events, such as tournaments, fan club meetings, discussion rounds, fan workshops and choreographies. Christoph Schneller provides a first point of contact for the 400 FCK fan clubs and all the Red Devils faithful. Christoph Schneller is assisted by fan support officer Timo Schneble, who has been working as a fan support officer on matchdays since the start of the 2009/10 season.

Timo Schneble

Timo Schneble has joined the fan liaison team at the start of the 2009/10 season and has been of great help ever since. The 34-year-old, who has been actively involved in the FCK fan scene for many years, provides a point of contact for any FCK fan, both at home and away games to help the fans with words and deeds. Timo Schneble is also there to help the fans with any question they might have in the build up to home and road games or regarding the organization of away game trips.


Fans’ Advisory Council

The fans’ advisory council of FCK consists of representatives who are democratically elected by the fan clubs of any region. These representatives, called councilors, represent the fan clubs towards the club management and are the spokesmen for the fan clubs. The fans’ advisory council is elected every two years. The fans’ advisory council regularly arranges meetings for the representatives of the fan clubs of the respective region. Moreover, the council informs every fan club, and it is the body to contact for every fan club. The advisory council communicates with the club management and the fan liaison manager of FCK on a regular basis.

The fans’ advisory council currently consists of the following persons:

Region Kaiserslautern/Sickinger Höhe
Werner Bohl

Region Lautre (Kaiserslautern)
Volker Blume

Region Ludwigshafen/Neustadt/Bergstraße
Georg Roth

Region South Palatinate
Alfred Wünstel

Region Kusel
Jürgen Krauß

Region South-West Palatinate
Marcus Matti

Region Nahe/Hunsrück/Moselle
Rüdiger Petersen

Region Rhine-Hesse/Palatinate
Klaus Becker

Region Saarland/Luxembourg
Michael Kasel

Otto Roth

Commissioner For Disabled Fans

Since the beginning of the season 2006/07, the 32-year-old Nino Gagliano has been the person to contact for the numerous disabled fans of FCK. During the years before, Nino Gagliano, who has been a fan of FCK for many years now, has worked for FCK’s security service. He was in charge of the wheelchair places at the stadium. Thus, he got into contact with FCK’s disabled fans. Meanwhile, Nino Gagliano has intensified these contacts. Today, he is in charge of the problems and concerns of all disabled fans of the “Red Devils”. He also is the person to contact for visually impaired fans. 

On match days, you will find Nino Gagliano in the surroundings of the wheelchair places at the South Stand.